How to Create Frontend Extension?

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SuiteCRM 8 Angular Extension

How to create Frontend Extension for Popup modal?

Can give me step by step procedure?


Choosing an extension name

The first thing is to choose an extension machine name. This name should not have spaces, nor -, nor special charaters. We recommend using camel case, e.g. myExt for the key. And snake-case, e.g. my-ext for the filename and paths.

Note: this recommendation for having a different case system for files, is just to avoid problems in case-sensitive systems.

2. Generate a micro-frontend (micro angular app) for your extensions

The first step is to generate your angular extension “micro” app

  1. You can generate it by running: ng g app <your-extension-name> --projectRoot=extensions/<your-extension-name>/app --routing=false --style=scss

  2. On our example it is going to be: ng g app myExt --projectRoot=extensions/my-ext/app --routing=false --style=scss

How can I run this command?
ng g app myExt --projectRoot=extensions/my-ext/app --routing=false --style=scss

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I have run the below command with Ubuntu Terminal
ng g app myExt --projectRoot=extensions/my-ext/app --routing=false --style=scss

Run the command and it is asking me some --style=scss. What to do?

Does anyone explain to me how to create a Frontend Extension?

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@Mac-Rae @cherub-chum any help me?