How to create custom column-filter same as default

Hello there,

I’m working on Suitecrm 7. And I want to custom-create a column filter the same as the default.

I have created one entry point ‘customdetails.php’. And I have created an Admin section to open these entry points. Now, I need to create a custom column filter in my entry point file same as the default column filter in Listview.

I have seen these files for reference:

But in this file, the code of the .tpl file is written, so can I use this code in the entrypoint file? And if I can, how can I do it?

If anyone knows please tell me ASAP.

Thank you in Advance.

You can try studying Smarty templates to learn how they are used.

I would advise to look at a simpler example first, not list views, because those are quite complex.

The general idea is like this:

$ss = new Sugar_Smarty();

// pass some values into the template to replace the placeholders there:
$ss->assign("SomeValue", $x);
$ss->assign("AnotherValue", $y);

// get Smarty to render the substituted and processed template:
$rendered = $ss->fetch($templateTplFile);

Hi @pgr,

Appreciate your response!

I’m familiar with Smarty templates, but I’m scratching my head on how to effectively call or use them in my entrypoint file, residing in ‘custom/customentrypoint.php’.

Your guidance on this would be appreciated. Thanks a bunch! :blush:

Sorry, but I still don’t understand what you’re trying to do.

I’m which screen are the users when they click to call your entry point?

If you’re trying to create a filter, why are you looking at tpl’s?