How to create "assign to contact " field while create in lead in suiteCRM

HI every one ,

I have created some contacts in contact module ,now I am creating one lead ,that partucler lead I should assign to particuler contact which I have already created ,so for that I have to create field called “Assgin to contant” (with arrow button when I click that button all contacts should open and from that we can assgin one contact to that lead ,it same like "assign account " ).

This is field how can I create ,I have looked into “admin>studio>lead>fields” I haven’t find any think related this fields .

Any one help on it.


Hi Sandeep,
Contact and leads are already in a relationship.

Hence you do not a seperate relationship.You will see a subpanel under contacts.

HI @ashish ,thanks your response ,

I got your answere but in my contact module lead module is not showing like your image , How can I add this leads under contact module ,

For instance if I create any contact with name “Test”,when I open this Test contact ,under this Test contact I have to see all my leads under the Test contact .

So here Lead is subpanel ,this subpanel is not showing under the contact module ,
to me under the contact module cases,activites are showing .

How can I add that leas subpanel under contact ,I went “admin>studio>contact>layout>subpanel” in that lead is not there and there is not add subpanel also ,

could you plz clarify on it ,may be did i do any wrong plz correct me .


It look like your lead subpanel is hidden from admin settings.
Check in admin->display modules and subpanels.
if lead is under hidden area , drag it to display area.

Please do not hesitate to reach me if you need any assistance!

Ashish Dwivedi ( CTO at Outright Store).
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