How to create article in KnowledgeBase / KB Category?

Hi everyone,
i created a KnowledgeBase (KB) and a KnowledgeBase Category. Now I am getting headache while trying to create an article into the knowledgebase.
We are using the version: Version 7.10.7 Sugar Version 6.5.25 (Build 344)

We want to use the Knowledgebase for internal matters between employees in the first step.

My questions:

  1. How can i create an article and list it into a Knowledgebase respectively in Knowledgebase category?
  2. Which url will display the KB and its content so that the employees can read the articles in it?

It seems that there is no module to create articles. In the subpanels of KB and KB categories is also no possibility to create article.

In “Admin” --> “Display Modules and Subpanels” no modules are hidden
Even in the actual SuiteCRM-Version 7.10.9 isn’t a module called arcticle or something similar

What iam doing wrong?

hopefully someone of you can help and guide me.

I am not sure what your difficulty is, this should be simple. Maybe my screens are showing things that your screens are not showing, for some reason.

  • you don’t “Create a Knowledge Base” (KB). There is a single, pre-existing KB, you just create Knowledge Base Articles (KBA) for it. So the module name is KB, the records in it are called KBA’s.

  • there can be some confusion about the above because sometimes (on the sidebar, for example), “Create KBA” and “View KBA’s” is abbreviated to “Create KB” and “View KB”.

  • the view in your screenshot is the Detail View of a KBA. Here you can select Categories.

  • if you click to Edit that KBA, you are taken to a screen that includes a WYSIWYG editor (Mozaik or TinyMCE) to enter KBA content. If you don’t see it maybe this editor is failing to load.

  • note that the Status field on the KBA affects it’s visibility. I am not sure what the rules are, but a “Draft” is not as public as a “Public” article… as the name implies.

Try this on a different browser and on the online demo, to see if it looks any different:

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Hi pgr,

thanks for your reply. oh man what error in reasoning.
i thougth “Create Knowledgebase” creates a KB, but its a KBA, you’r right this was a bit confusing to me.

So, thank you for the clarification.

All the best,

Actually you’re quite innocent, the label on the screen is clearly misleading. :slight_smile: