How to create a responsive email?

Hi, I have searched the entire forum several times, but have not yet found a working solution. What I need is to be able to create responsive emails (mandatory in 2020!), then to be able to insert <style> or <link> tags, better still if into the <header>.

What could be the solution? Is there a way to edit the header? Or is there a way to avoid stripping these tags? Inserting the code into the database is too intricate, especially if you want to insert content into the templates because obviously, going through the editor, everything is deleted.

Hi @Delio,

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You could try creating an email template which should allow you to edit HTML, then you can select that template when sending and email :+1:

A responsive template can only be created by adding media queries into the <head>. Even if you want to add it in the <body> (very wrong!) and therefore copying all the html in the database you will have to work only in html editor without using the tinymce editor to avoid the html purifier. A really too big limitation for a crm that claims to send emails in 2020 :frowning:

I’ve never worked with them in a to in depth capacty to be much more help, I will say however If the built in email options arent working for you, due to being an open source project contributing your ideas or making use of other 3rd party solutions (MailChimp for example) are not to hard to integrate.

Do some research on Adaptive Cards for MS Office.