How to Create a repeating tasks using workflow module

Hi, I’ve added one field called task recurrency inside tasks modules and assigned the values like daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, etc,… to that field. Also created one task by mentioning the task recurrency as “daily”.
Now inside the workflow module, I have created an workflow and I want that previously created task in the task module to run on daily basis. I don’t know, like what condition to be given on the workflow modules ‘condition’ section and also in ‘actions’ section.
Could any of you guide me to create a repeating task on a daily basis, by the helping me to give the appropriate conditions inside the workflow module?

* * * * *  represents minute(s) hour(s) day(s) month(s) weekday(s), respectively.

VALUE	                   DESCRIPTION
Minutes	0-59	Command would be executed at the specific minute.
Hours	0-23	Command would be executed at the specific hour.
Days	1-31	Commands would be executed in these days of the months.
Months	1-12	The month in which tasks need to be executed.
Weekdays	0-6	Days of the week where commands would run. Here, 0 is Sunday.

Could you please elaborate a bit like what you are saying, so that I would understand it much better

In Conditions:
Task Recurrence Condition:
→ Create a condition to check if the “Task Recurrency” field in the task module is set to “daily.”

In Actions:
Create New Task Action:
->When the condition is met, use an action to create a new task.
->In the new task, set the necessary details, including the recurrence field.
See screenshot: Screenshot by Lightshot

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