How to create a page


I would like to create a page (not a module) running the suitecrm theme, I would like to create a PHP page.

please advise

You can’t just create PHP pages within the SuiteCRM application, although you could create these manually in the root directory but this would cause various issues and is not good coding practice.

If you can provide more information on what you need to do, then we can maybe point you in the right direction.



Thanks for replying,

I do not want to place the files in the root, I want it to be within the CRM.

I just want a simple page where I can place simple PHP code,


I think you should take a look at the SugarCRM/SuiteCRM documentation(simply google) and also familiarise yourself with how CRM development is done as you should be developing in line with the CRM development methods and not just adding code directly to a single php file.

See Jim’s developer book too:



Hello Will
I need your help about URL how to create URL for CRM please help me