How to create a general price list for all products?

How to create a price list for all products?

We would like to create a monthly general price list for our customers and share it by updating it monthly. Price list of all products in PDF format.
How can I do that?
In which section can I create it?

I’m trying to do it in the reports section. But I can’t add our company logo. I can’t add in footer?

How can I achieve this?

Thank you so much.

Where can I create a PDF price list to which I can add footers and headers?

A price list of all products.

Please help.

Have a look at the PDF templates module.

But I’m not sure you’ll be able to achieve the list of all products without tweaking some code, it’s more oriented at individual records…

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Unfortunately I couldn’t find what I wanted in the PDF templates.

In my country, the customer asks for a general price list. Selects products from the list by looking at their prices.

The price lists of all my products are no longer in excel. I want to manage in crm environment. But I cannot create a general simple price list that I can present to the customer.

My goal is to send a PDF price list by mail.

Simple maybe but I couldn’t.

I do not understand your complete requirement from the post 1 and the latest one. But I would suggest to use Quotes Or Contract module and add product line items or service line items and send to customers as price list.

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I created a price list in the report category.
But I cannot place the company logo on the PDF report.
I can’t add in footer.

Please excuse my bad english. I am writing with google translate.

My PowerReplacer add-on comes at a cost but greatly enhances what sorts of mails and PDFs you can produce, including looping a list of records.

I just want to create a simple price list.

Has anyone ever needed a price list?

I need a price list for all my products that I will sell.

A simple price list.

Can’t such an advanced program make a simple price list?

Can’t I explain correctly because of my bad English?

A simple price list for all the products on my site is what I need.


SuiteCRM can do a list on the Report, but that’s for internal consumption, it doesn’t let you do fancy formatting to send to your customers.

It can also do fancy formatting in templates, but focused on single records, not on lists.

These are the limits of the program, as it comes “out-of-the-box”. SuiteCRM is infinitely extensible and customizable, so that what you want is definitely possible - BUT it will require some coding or some small investment. Sorry!

Thanks for your explanation my friend.
A clear information from an expert made me very happy.
I would have spent a lot more time searching.
How can I make this list for a fee?
There is no company to support SuiteCrm in my country.
Kind regards

Hola! Como te dijeron arriba, la mejor manera de hacer lo que buscás es con el módulo PDF Template.

Acá vas a poder generar tu “lista” de precios con header, footers, titulos, etc.

Este template es personalizable de acuerdo a tus necesidades y bastante simple de aplicar.

Si no me confundo (deberías investigar un poco más) está el módulo de PDF Templates y hay otra funcionalidad de envío por mail de estos PDF, todo esto deberías adaptarlo a tus necesidades. Y también repitiendo un poco lo que dijo pgr, va a requerir tiempo y codificación.