How to create a custom PDF Template for custom Modules with related module


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Need a solution to create a PDF template as like Invoice $aos_line_item_groups_name this one generate line items in pdf.

The same need to create and generate related modules.

The built-in templating functionality has limited options when it comes to navigating to related modules.

I don’t know your exact requirements, but you might have to consider a bit of custom code. Or an add-on such as my PowerReplacer, if you watch the video demo you’ll see an example of fetching quotes, and the products inside those quotes. The same (perhaps with some visual limitations) could be made to create PDF’s.

Note that the PDF functionality in SuiteCRM is evolving and there are significant differences between versions. Whatever you build, make sure you build it for a SuiteCRM later than 7.12.x, to avoid relying on the deprecated mPDF engine.

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Please watch the video related your custom PDF Template for custom module need: Advanced Functionalities of SuiteCRM Empower PDF Template “Premium” version - YouTube

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HI Guys,

Thanks for your response. I have achieved that with custom generate pdf.

Now another requirement is how to include arabic font in pdf template.? can any one give suggestion.