How to create a custom entry point in SuiteCRM 8.2

Hi SuiteCRM experts,

How are you?

I want to integrate a website contact form into SuiteCRM leads module. I am using SuiteCRM 8.2.

I didn’t find a way to create a custom entry point for the same.

Do you have any idea?

You can create a new field of the type IFrame and use that to show the form.
And this link should help you create an entrypoint to receive data into crm

The thing to note is that all the paths mentioned in the above doc will have public/legacy prepended to them
You can also use v8 api to update fields in modules in the crm

Hi @abuzarfaris, I have a similar problem, but I think is the next question @Prafull_Satasiya will ask you about you’re answered.

Do you know how to repair the iframe problems in SuiteCRM8? When I try to add any URL in an iframe, the iframe doesn’t display it, and we only see the URL as a text…