How to create a cron job for workflow

I am creating workflow for module at my local Suitecrm 7.1 but those are not working. I had checked in scheduler but it is showing last successful run is never.
Can anybody give me solution for this.
How can i create cron job for workflow and how can i run it ?


on the Schedulers list view there is text to setup the Crontab which gives you a bit of text like:

          • cd /var/www/project; php -f cron.php > /dev/null 2>&1

which you need to add to the crontab file if you are using linux, Windows has a very similar optio.

if you are using linux the most common way of adding this file is by the command line:

type : crontab -e

this will open a file which you then need to paste in what the list view has given you starting with the *'s. save the file and then check the schedluers if it is done correctly you should see the scheduler records start to run. you might need to give it a minute or two for it to kick in fully.

Hope this helps.

I new in this can you please tell me what i have to write in cron.php file to send a email automatic on create a record.


Hi there,

If you are running linux you would type β€˜sudo crontab -e’. This brings up the cron tab. You then navigate to Admin -> Schedulers within SuiteCRM. At the bottom of the schedulers list, there is a URL. Copy and paste this into the crontab within the terminal. Ctrl+X and press y. This will save the changes and your schedulers should now be running(click on scheduler and check log).

If you are running on WAMPP/MAMP or a hosted service, this may differ.



Hello Will,
Thanks for help i am using Window and Xampp for hosted service so can you please tell me how can i send email automatically.
I am trying send a email on birth date of person and record creation but both condition are not working. Please guide me about this how i can send mail on these condition to record person.
Is there any addition in code which i have to do in cron job because i am using cron.php file of suitecrm.
Check attachment for conditions.


Can you guide me how to run cron on Xampp in window server?


Hello will,
I had run cron job according to your instruction but it’s not woking.
Is there any other work to do?