How to copy Account>Documents into the Project Module

Apart of my sales process is after we get a signed agreement (quote) we upload the signed quote into the account documents, then create a project the the new order/agreement. My project manager needs to be able to see the signed agreement.

I would like to have the document sub-panel inside the project just as it is in the account of that customer (so my project manager does not have to leave the project to get a copy of the signed agreement)

Any help is appreciated B-)

In Admin / Studio, module Projects, add a Relationship to Documents module.

Thanks for your reply pgr.

When I did a one to one relationship I could not see the documents subpanel, so I did a many to many. now I see it, but when I create a document from the Account page, it does not show up on the project page. And vise versa when I create a project document it does not show up on the account document sub panel.

That is correct, these are two separate relationships and they need to be created one after the other.

You can try to automate this with a Workflow or a Logic Hook.

That seems a little beyond my ability for now. What I did as a workaround is create a relate field where we choose the account for each project, then its a one button click to the account page for that customer and I’ll just use the documents sub panel to access documents.

thanks for your input pgr.

Even better!
I added another document relate project page and mark it required. That way before we can create a project we have to have a order document. This actually works better for our workflow than my original request.

where there is a will there is a way :silly:

I am glad you got it working! Cool B-)