How to Convert a Target to Lead in V8.4.1


We are currently running Suite CRM V8.4.1

If you open a target and click the Actions button there is no option to covert the target into a lead.

Is this omission a bug or is it by design ? Are targets a depreciated feature that will be phased out soon ?

However if you open a lead and click the Actions button there is an option to convert a lead into a contact.


I would say it’s a bug.


I’ve searched the forum and come up with another report of this issue from last year.

No one replied to the thread. See below.

Looks like its not been working for some time.

Do the developers monitor this forum or do we have to report a bug ?


@Andrew_C There’s already an issue raised for this bug, you could comment on the issue with your concern to bump it.

@chris001 I have now added a comment to the outstanding bug as directed.

I also offered to contribute and fix the bug myself if the development team would update the V8.x development documentation.


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Hi, maybe this post can be useful. Thanks!