How to connect suitecrm with oracle database

Hello, how do i connect suitecrm with oracle database.

You don’t, Oracle is not a supported database.

There are a few vendors out there selling Oracle connectors/integrations for SugarCRM. If they support SugarCRM CE (Community Edition, v 6.5) they should also support SuiteCRM.

Or you can build your own connector and contribute it to the Community :cheer: but that will be quite some work.

Can you please give me examples of these oracle connectors/integrations for SugarCRM

i don’t know anything about this. you’re better off simply searching with Google.

Please what framework was used for suitecrm, I want to know and do bit of custom and see if it will work.

If you are talking about database-access framework, no framework was used. Remember that SugarCRM started around 2004 and this was long before the golden age of frameworks.

If you want to have a look at the sort of work this entails, check out this project to add support for PostgreSQL in SugarCRM CE:

Those commits by “amusarra” add a connector to SugarCRM, if you want to do it for Oracle you’ll have to do something similar. But then it will depend a lot on the pecuiliarities of the SQL and the problems it creates. It might be all simple to adapt, or it might turn out quite tricky…

I wanted the framework used to build the application itself. Thus the suitecrm…They used a frame work right, so i jux wanted the name of the framework so i can follow the patterns and do some customization.

I already answered this question to you 2 months ago :frowning:

What you should really be doing is reading the Developer Guide:

Lolxx ohk thanks