How to connect MailChimp to SuiteCRM?

Hi Everyone,

Can someone please tell me how to connect MailChimp to SuiteCRM?

We have on our website the integration of Comment Form, the Registration Form and Contact Form 7 to MailChimp.

I would now like to connect the MailChimp to SuiteCRM so my subscribers are imported as new targets / leads.

Any help would greatly be appreciated.

Thank you,

I believe there is a commercial sugarchimp option available.

Remember that SuiteCRM 7.6.4 is meant to improve SuiteCRM campaigns (and web-to-lead forms) so that it doesn’t need external solutions like MailChimp. If you find that could be a viable route for you, consider doing everything only with SuiteCRM.

Hi Andrew,
I looked at that commercial one and it looks like the cheapest option is $50 a month which is above my current budget.


Hi pgr,

I have been trying to do what you mentioned but it is not an easy task for someone who is new and has limited html and css skills.

I have already created a person form and save the html but I need t figure it out how to connect to my contact form 7 and the registration form.

Is there any link to / material on the web-to-lead / person form you can refer me to?



I’m sorry, I’m not the best person to help you, I never tried this myself.

A few months ago I did explore a different option that I got working in my test setup, but never used in real-life: use Mautic instead of MailChimp. They have an integration with SugarCRM that works with SuiteCRM. They don’t have much documentation but there is one page of instructions that tells you the essentials. I got a web-to-lead form working with that, and it’s free to use.

Perhaps you could start a new thread about “Web-to-lead forms with the new 7.6.4 features” or something similar.

Ok, I got curious and I went and created a “Person form” (which is a web-to-lead form if you set it to create a Lead). I found it super easy and it immediately creates a page with the form, accessible by your users or customers online.

I didn’t have to copy-paste any html: there was a screen where I was offered that possibility, but a simple link (on the top of the same screen) does the job. See the image:

If you got this working, what exactly is your difficulty? Is this simple form too simple, and you are trying to integrate it into a larger site?

Hi pgr,

Thank you for taking time to create the person-form.

I have attached the form I have created. It is a zipped html file in case you want to edit it. This was just a test. I still need to change the last two fields (status, status description) with a “message” field (which I could not find when I was creating the person form) do it matches my forms on my Wordpress site.

My challenge is that I have three forms (contact form, registration form, opt-in form) on my Wordpress website and I don’t know how to sync each of these forms with my Web-to-Lead form.

If you have any suggestion, it would be great.

Thank you,

Well, you actually need to piece everything together, it won’t be easy if you’re not comfortable messing around with HTML. You might also be limited by how much Wordpress will let you handle the HMTL directly (but there are ways to get there in Wordpress).

It will be easier if you forget any existing form you already have, but create entire new forms from SuiteCRM, and then just figure out a way to put the whole thing (as a block) into some part of a page in your site.

Thank you.

I will keep trying till I figure out how to do.


I think you may also wanted to consider Mautic as an alternative as it has pretty good Suite CRM Integration.