How to configure email folders (sent, trash)


I was suggested to start a new thread in regards to this issue.

OS - Windows 7
PHP - 5.6
Suite Version 7.9.6
Sugar Version 6.5.25 (Build 344)

I would like to see all the email that have been sent/deleted via SuiteCRM in Sent/Trash folder. I try to configure user personal (not bounce handling) email account settings in the window as below:

Click on Sent/Trash and get the following error

I can manually write any path even “bla-bla-bla” and Suite will accept it.

Also sometimes i can see the following error for bounce handling account (the same as personal account)

NOTE: I can send emails via Suite and receive emails as well.

PS Also, if any provided solution help, would it synchronize my emails? (if I sent email via my email client and would I see it in sent email folder in Suite?

Thank you in advance!


Let’s focus on the moment when you click “Sent” or “Trash”, to define the folder, and you get the undefined error.

Can you tell me if there is something in your logs at that precise moment?



Thu Nov  2 12:38:38 2017 [602472][1][FATAL] IP Address mismatch: SESSION IP: 46.**.***.*** CLIENT IP: 213.***.***.***


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Can you try changing this option?

Admin>System Settings>Advanced>Validate user IP address:

But I’m not sure what that error means. It shouldn’t be happening, there is something peculiar in your configuration.

Hm, it looks like this

Checked or unchecked - the same issue

Undefined window appears and hangs for a minute or two and then:

Let’s try to set it manually in config_override.php

$sugar_config['verify_client_ip'] = false;

I have changed it manually, but nothing happened. Then I decided to re-enter my user name and password (as email client) in Email Setting (tested - OK), Inbound email and Outbound email settings - and finally could add path to Sent and Trash folders.!

BUT, Now the other problem appeared. I cannot send emails :huh:

then it redirects me to login page

However, I’m just logged in and tried to send email.

If I test sending emails - I can send them in admin panel, cannot send them from Suite at the moment.

What am I doing wrong?


This is a bug, but I believe it’s solved in 7.9.7…


Upgraded to 7.9.7. And nothing works. The same error - please contact your administrator.

Test connections are OK and if send test email - I can receive it.

Any solution/bug fix for it in the nearestest future?


Also, I have noticed one more thing.

Under Admin rights if you go to the tab Emails, or сhoose Emails in any tab (Sales, Marketing, Support, Activities, Collaboration) I can see only

Any ideas?

I think the strategy here needs to be adjusted. We should make sure your system is well installed, before we try to set up email.

Two things need to be made right:

  • setting permissions correctly (those “undefined” buttons are a typical symbol of wrong permissions)

  • getting rid of all fatal errors in the logs, since these cause program interruption, anything can break after that.

So maybe you can start by checking your permissions, making sure you followed the installation instructions, and ask me any doubts you may have.