How to configure Bounce Account - Tutorial?

I can’t find any tutoial, how to configure the bounce account for campaigns.

What email account do I have to use? something like ? If so, do I have to send the email over this email address so the user sees this email address?

I tried to use my normal account for sending campaing emails and also for the bounce account, but in this case I see all my incoming emails in the bounce view of course…

Is there a sample configuration or tutorial out there?


Hey @avengers, in the email setting section of the administration panel you will see an inbound emails button. Open that page and in the left-hand-side panel press create bounce email. You can then configure using your bounce email address and when creating your campaign you should be able to select this record as the bounce option. If you have any issues let me know

Hi @Mac-Rae, thx for your response. How exactly does it work with the bounce mail system?

Let’s say I want to sent a campaign and use the email address sender@domain as sender address and bounce@domain as bounce email address. If I understand right, the bounce email address is a complete separate IMAP account I create at my hosting provider, right?

How is the concept if an email is bounced back? Does the system scan the IMAP inbox of the sender@domain address for bounce emails? Or will bounced emails arrive in the IMAP inbox of the bounce@domain address? ´

Or do I have to use the same email address as sender and bounce address?


Hi @avengers,

I’ve only used 2 separate email addresses in the past so not sure in regards to this one.