How to compose email using Sub-Panel

I have created a relationship between Cases and a custom Module Product Investigation; I like to create an email template that when the selects that item the items in the sub-panel is there as well. Is that possible?

Out of the box, Email templates have very limited capabilities of traversing relationships, especially custom ones.

That’s one of the things I set out to fix with PowerReplacer, I think there should be complete freedom to reach every data point in the CRM.

You can basically look for the option you need in the template variables drop-down, if it’s not there, then you know it’s not possible.

We implemented a similar feature in the past. For sure it is possible to accomplish but it not pretty easy to do. Eventually it may be non upgrade-safe. In that time it was upgrade safe but I’m not sure how much that feature evolved over versions.

So how do you go about doing that?

It is quite complex to explain here. Fell free to ping me on skype (andre.lampada) so we can discuss how to provide you such a solution.

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