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How to Compile the SuiteCRM Outlook Plugin in GitHub

Good day!

Is there a guide on how or what to use when compiling the https://github.com/salesagility/SuiteCRM-Outlook-Plugin

Thanks you in advance,


To my knowledge, there is no such guide. On the other hand, it should be very straight-forward if you have the right tools and some basic knowledge of that kind of project.

I’m not going to write a public guide because I believe it would work against SalesAgility’s decision to use a licensed model to pay for that Plug-in’s improved new version. I don’t want to undermine that effort. We have to understand they’re not a Windows company, developing for Windows goes against their DNA and might even involve hiring outside help.

One thing I might add is that there is no free way to compile that project - not the installer part. Microsoft’s free tools don’t include Windows Installer projects, which are required for a complete compilation of what you find in Github.

So, while this is not exactly what you asked for, I hope it’s useful information for you.