How to change the language of some subjects (pics inside)


I do want to change the names that are shown on the left side of crm, for example in the next image it says “Create Quote” i want to change it to other name.

I tried to change it by changing “create quote” to “new word” in the en_us.lang, but it didn’t work, do I have to do something else? Maybe some repairing?

I suggest you to take a look at where tranlations are being work on, search for that field and take a look how is tranlated

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which is actually quite simple.
Go into the studio / modules Quotes and change there the Language String. If you are missing some fields, expand the right of the module on any language strings.

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Don`t work with the en_us.lang. It is not Upgrade-Safe an would produce issues. Change it back again and use the Studio function to produce a custom language file.

Studio should be used only for special requirements on language usage for your project (if you want a module to have a different name or something like that).
For the regular usage (plain translation or fixing bad translations) you should join the translation on Crowdin and fixing it there so everybody would gain from it.

Hello Horus68,

I’ll give you quite right. This is what has Shuakai described that he wants to change the name of a core module. Since the change should be necessarily made in Custom, otherwise it can lead to errors that are not easily found after some time simply.

I can see he’s using some Spanish and want to change “Create Quote”, but that is a name of a module that is not translated.
That’s why changing en_US will not work, its not the language in use.
So maybe if he translate the module name would be enough for him, I don’t know!

Just giving some points to the original poster, so he need to clarify his needs!

Thanks all for your help, I just needed to change 1 word so I just did what Wieland told me, change it from studio -> labels and it work for me :smiley: