How to change the current theme of suite crm?


I wanted to change the current theme to previous version of sugarcrm. I downloaded the previous sugar crm version and took its theme from theme folder and placed it in the current suitecrm intance’s theme folder. After doing all this I got two options (originally there was only one) in Theme settings in admin panel. But this did not help as the theme remained same irrespective of my selection. I would really appreciate your help for changing the suitecrm theme. Thanks in advance.

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theme is a user preference, so you need to go into your user profile and change it

Thank you for your reply. But currently I am the only user and I have admin privileges. I am still not able to change the theme.

click on your user user name top right, your should then by in the edit mode in your user profile and should see 5 tabs:-

User Profile, Password, Themes, Advanced, External Accounts

select Themes, pick your preferred theme and click save


Thank you very much for your patience and support.

Is there a way to change the base theme and disable the ability for users to change it?

I was having difficulty changing the theme to the new “Resposnsive theme” after installing SuiteCRM 7.2 today.

I couldn’t see any “Themes” tab when editing my user.

it turns out that I had disabled the original SuiteCRM 7 theme in Admin–>Themes. After disabling it, there was only a single theme available in the system, maybe that’s why I wasn’t being given the option…

BUT this is likely a bug, because my user was locked into the disabled theme, without an option to change it, and that’s not good.

Solution: re-enable old theme, edit the user to change to the new theme, and THEN disable the old theme.

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Hi, I do not get the Themes option as you mentioned. Also Themes settings where you change the colors is also missing in Admin. This is after upgrading to 7.2. I had it in the morning in the last version.

Also as raised by our colleague in the above post " Is there a way to change the base theme and disable the ability for users to change it?"

Colour picker is in Admin -> Theme and then click on the theme name.



Thanks Will.

I do not see it.

Only visible change is that I can see two themes now and even after selecting nothing changes.

Unlike earlier version where we had themes setting in which we can change the color code of each and every item in the UI, this is not available in themes as well.

Is it that the update what I have done is not completely installed or do i need to find it somewhere else.

You need to click on the theme name, on the left, once in Admin -> Themes.

That is where the colour picker is now located.



Hey SuiteCRM Friends,

The Color change option does work in the SuiteR & Suite7 but not in the SuiteP, and in the SuiteP the Add Dashlet does work but not in the others…
Work in progress…