How to change [TAB] order in detailed (advanced) search popups?

Hello! :slightly_smiling_face:

Is it possible to change tabulation behavior between lines in the Detailed (Advanced) Search window?
F. e. in the module Contacts I want to search for some specific contacts. In the Detail (Advanced) Search popup window I have these lines:

  1. Name (text line)
  2. Surname (text line)
  3. Gender (list)
  4. Account (text line, but it directly searches for the name of the Company in Accounts module)
  5. Project (text line, but it directly searches for the name of the Project in the Projects module).
  6. Address (text line)
  7. Town (list)

So when I’m opening Detailed (Advanced) search popup window, I need to mouse click in the “Name” text box and write something, then if I want to search for the surname I need to click my mouse in the “Surname” text box. If I press [TAB] button on my keyboard it jumps to the “Account” text line (i.e. skips “Surname”), then if I press [TAB] once more - it jumps to the Projects text line… After one more [TAB] it jumps to the Town field. So I need every time to click the mouse button at the simple text lines (the same behavior is with all the other modules - simple text line is not accessible for keyboard [TAB]). I even tried to press [TAB] for as many times as I have fields in the Detailed (Advanced) search. After the last one it jumps to the beginning of the form. And all the time simple text lines are skipped…

I’m using Suite CRMV. 7.10.5
Sugar V. 6.5.25 (Build 344)
SuiteP theme

P. S. in the same modules for entering a new record (f.e. new client) [TAB] works perfectly with all the fields. So the problem is only with Detailed Search popup window.