How to change reports list view generated links


I want to change the way links are generated in list view in the reports module.

At the moment when one clicks on the title it goes to the detail view but I need it to go to edit view.

How do I achieve this? I tried changing AOR_Reports.php in the modules folder but nothing changed.



I have done a little bit dig into AOR_Report class.

I found following which can be helpful to you.

Have a look at - build_report_html - method of - AOR_Report - classs.

Inside that function link is build at - line num around - 360 - $fields[$label][‘link’] = $field->link;

It seems that AOR_Field class play role in generating link field.

I’ve tried experimenting with that but it makes no difference. It seems AOR_Reports.php and AOR_Fields.php make no difference whatsoever to the creation of the tables as I deleted massive chunks and the module was unchanged.

Hi ,

Look at - 389 - of AOR_Report.php

 if($att['link'] && $links) $html .= "<a href='index.php?module=".$att['module']."&action=DetailView&record=".$row[$att['alias'].'_id']."'>";

Change action DetailView to EditView.

But be aware it is not upgrade safe solution.

It will open link in edit mode. I do test it on my local machine.


Alpesh Savaliya

So that’s what I thought and I changed it but it still made no difference.
So now I know what the solution is but it seems I have another problem, when I change those files they don’t seem to make a difference?

Which version of SuiteCRM do you have ? I have tested it on - suitecrm-7.1.4-max.

I have created very simple list report. Your report might be some up to some advance level.