How to change listView order by 'logged in user' by extending ViewList class or by using logic hook

How to change list order by logged in user without changing any code in suiteCRM, but extending the ViewList class file or by using logic hook.

When searching, you can change the which Field to order by, and the direction, through “Advanced Search”
If you click “Advanced Search” and then click on “Layout Options”, it will open a menu that allows you to choose which Columns to display, order by and the direction of the Order.
This should be persistent through Log-outs and Log-ins, but you can enter a Name and save the Search terms for later, if you wish to do the same search again.

If you are wanting to change users of your systems preferences:
The order of the list view is set in user preferences. You could write code to change each users.
You could use the UserPreference class and use setPreference method.

The setting is stored in the db serialized and base 64 encoded as:
array (
‘listviewOrder’ =>
array (
‘orderBy’ => ‘name’,
‘sortOrder’ => ‘ASC’,

I don’t understand what you are trying to say. Do you wish to modify users preferences so that different users see the listview in a different order?

yes, but is there any way to create packaged zip file as plugin and load through modular loader.