How to change font defaults in email editor (7.11)

The Email editor in version 7.11 defaults to Times and 10pt. We would like to change these defaults but cannot see where they are set. Does anyone happen to know where to find the configuration or code?

A possible workaround is to set them in the signature, with (say) Hi above, and use that as a template.

This has come up before but no simple answer?

Thank you

Hello - we would also like to change the default email font when a user creates an email - please let me know how to do this? Thanks! Vanessa

Try making changes in this array:

Make sure to delete in cache/smarty/templates_c the file mentioning “ComposeView” between each change.

I’m not sure that is the place. Start by trying a simply change, say, removing items from the toolbar, to check if the changes are effective. If they are, then you can try figuring out the TinyMCE syntax.