How to change display name format in Leads and Contacts


Pls help with this issue:

  • The default SuiteCRM settings will display First name + Last name in Leads and Contact, I want to change it to Last name + First name
  • I tried to change the Admin/Locale/Name Format then clean cache or run Quick Repair but it still show First name + Last name

Thank you for your kind support.

You can change it for each user it their profile settings in the advanced settings

Changing it in locale set the default for new users

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Thank you for your reply.

If I want the change take effect on all Current users, including Admin, what should I do?

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The user settings are held in the table_user preferences

They have category as global

The data is held in the field contents which are bases64 encoded

What I would do is write a script to decode them and change it to have the correct setting

Then encode it and write it back to the database

I would back up your database first

If you only have a few users its probably safer and easier to do it manually

Hope this helps

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