How to change directory of Suite CRM?

Hi All,

I’m looking to change the directory folder name of suite CRM.

Right now it is https://mydomainname/suitecrm/index.php

I want to change this to https://mydomainname/changedfoldername/index.php

I don’t if I was able to put my question right, Please help me in this.

Thank you

This is not really a SuiteCRM question, it’s a web server / web hosting question.

Have you tried simply renaming the directory?

Yes, I did, but it stops working and if I try to open it with new directory name it does not work there either!

Well, like I said, you probably have to do some other configuration in your web hosting (CPanel) or in your web server, but you should look for answers with the support of those programs…

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check your config.php file in the root of your webserver.
There is an entry to the directory:
‘site_url’ => ‘’,

It has been my experience, especially with the site_url variable, in the config.php that if you do a repair that is reset. Best place to make config.php overrides / changes is in the provided config_override.php inside htdocs inside your installation folder. If it is a new system you may be better off installing from scratch to insure that no legacy links that that old directory exist. Always backup original files and the format for the variable override should be something like:

$sugar_config['site_url'] = 'https://www.fqdn.tld/installfolder/';