How to change default search process in verdefs

In my project in case creation account name is coming. We have added custom account_id for every account which is a unique code for account. We can select the account name by searching.
But the requirement is user can search by the account_id also with the account_name, what I found out till now we can’t search an account on the basis of two fields.
We have tried to add the account_id at the end of the account_name, there we find out suitecrm only matches the letters from the start.
So, I want to modify this searching process,

  1. Either the account field can be searchable by both account_name and account_id
  2. Or the search should be matching the letters anywhere in the account_name


The attcheded screenshot is for the reference on which section I want to change the search functionality

Trying to modify the search is (as i have found) is mostly impossible. The queries aren’t stored in any singular place

in /var/www/html/public/legacy/config.php there’s

You can use wildcard functions to find an account name in that method? If you change the wildcard_infront value to true even if you have a partial name


Sugar Industries


Should in theory bring up anything with Indus after the first part, similarly you can Sugar % for any thing after the first primary search.

Looking at this further - You don’t actually need wildcards in 8.4.0

I’ve just hit up that exact data field you’re looking at and it’s already built in…

Without wildcard you can search any part of the name and it’ll return any result.

I have a singular account

‘Safe Space’

any part of that is returning true


Screenshot 2023-09-15 100628

Screenshot 2023-09-15 100708

Screenshot 2023-09-15 100731

I’m using SuiteCRM version 8.1.2. For me the search functionality not working like you said.
I’ll check once on the newer version but my whole project has to be moved to the newer version. It is a tedious job because I’ve to do all the design chnages again.

I’ll try this and let you know if it worked for me or not.

@dhuntress Thank you for the solution. It worked for me.