How to change color from white to black text on "white-space" in reports.

How to change color from white to black text on “white-space” in reports. ??

You can inspect the Element for which you need to change the Color and create a Custom CSS file for the theme to change the style.

The path for file should be custom/themes/<THEME_NAME>/css/style.css

And in your case THEME_NAME is SuiteP

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Can’t find right code to put or edit in style.css

Want to change text color to #000000

This is just the TR. What are the Parents attribute like Table class or id and parent DIV class and id??

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You can add following to your CSS

#report_table th, #report_table th div{

No, its not working.

Change in /var/www/themes/SuiteP/css/style.css

Did you Run Repair Rebuild after this change?

can you Inspect the CELL “Emne” and show the Styles sceenshot.

Yes, I runned repair.

If you check the style.css file for SuiteP theme ( themes\SuiteP\css\style.css ), you will see on line 3353 that COLOR property for .list tr th is set as per your screen shot.

You can modify that for testing if that is the source for applying color style.