How to build a campaign!!! HELP!!!

Hi All

I am very new to suitecrm and I would like to build a campaign to send to my contacts.

I have so far managed to build my email template but that is as far as I have got! How do I add my contacts / groups of people to then send them my email / campaign?

I have literally crawled the web and I cannot find a simple step by step on how to do this.

I would be forever grateful if someone could please help me as I am losing the will to live!

Thanks so much!


Hi Becky,

Yes! Creating your email template is a great start!
If you go into the campaign module and click create, you will be given 3 options Newsletter, Email and Non-Email Based Campaign. I will choose Email for this example.

The first page you will come to is Campaign Header, Here fill in the information you would like, like campaign name, description and status. I will leave mine in Planning for now as i’m only building the campaign.

Next Page is around target lists. These are the records and people you would like to send to, for me i will go into a new tab and go into the Target Lists module.
Click Create on the Target Lists there are many types of Target Lists but for my example im going to use Default(this will send to all valid records in the target) and also create another Target List with Type Test (This will allow me to send a test campaign to ensure everything is working before going live). Once these 2 target lists are created then you can add the people you would like to send to in the subpanels of the default targetlist and users like yourself to the Test target list.
Going back into the campaigns module, add your target lists from the Add Existing Targets box by clicking them. That should bring them over into the right panel

Next Page will be Templates, as you have already created this you can just select this, ensuring the variables you have used will match with all major target records.

Next is your Marketing page, for this you will need to create 2 types of email accounts in CRM, (Bounce and Outgoing)
You can create these by going into Admin > Outbound Email Accounts to create the email address to send from and Admin > Inbound Email > New Bounce Handling to create a bounce email address.

Back in the campaign, select the 2 email accounts and create a name. You should also enter the below information on that page including scheduled date and time for the campaign going live and email information (This should usually be the same as your outbound as many email providers dont support spoofing so will not send)

Then thats it! It will show a summary telling you if you have missed any information and you can click Send Marketing Email as Test to send to the Test target list. Once you are happy with it ensuring your scheduler is also set up, select the Send Email at scheduled time when you are happy for it to go live.

*The default scheduler you should be aware of is called ‘Run Nightly Mass Email Campaigns’ This means it will que the emails until this changed. So you may want to change how often this runs
2 Other admin sections that you should be aware of are Admin > Campaign Email Settings and Email Queue

Hope this helps a bit :smiley: