How to best add customer id


I’ve been looking at SuiteCRM to use at our company, but I am facing one problem: we have customer numbers (that we need to keep) and I am not sure how to best add them in, because we have private individuals as customers as well as companies.
How would I best go about adding this in suiteCRM?

I’ve come up with a few options:

  1. add a custom field to the contact(s) - the problem here is i’d have to add the customer number to every contact and not just once per company (from how i understand it)
  2. add a custom field to company - but in that case i’D have to create a “company” for each private person too …

I’d appreciate suggestions on how to best do this

Alternatively you could remove the contacts module in admin and rename the Accounts module to Clients or customers etc (or vise versa) and have all your customers in one module. And then create a custom field for their ID (warning: all SuiteCRM records have their own ID so not to name them the same to avoid confusion) You can then import all your customers through a .csv and map all the fields :slight_smile:

Interesting idea, but I want to keep the standard where I can have one company with many contacts assigned. Maybe I should add some seperate Database Table and just let the customers / contacts link to it somehow?