How to automatically generate a "lead" from a "target" which has "viewed" the email he got during a campaign

Hi SuiteCRM team,
I am using SuiteCRM version 7.11.15 (on an hosted Apache Server)

I have setup an email campaign from a target list.
Now i try to find a way to convert all “targets” to “leads” as soon as they have “viewed” the email.

Within the campaign report status page i can see which “target” has viewed the email so the information is available somewhere but i cannot find a way with workflows.

Any hint would be helpful

The information is in the campaign_log table, field activity_type = viewed

I have no idea if you can get to it from a workflow…


According suggested structures “targets” are the right way for campaigns.
So you will get a list of “targets” which views or answers the campaign.
As soon as they answer, you should convert it to leads or contacts according CRM docs.

What is the suggested way to convert it to “leads” or “contacts”?

Maybe you don’t need a special process for that.

Technically there is no problem in sending out Campaigns to any of the record types: Contacts, Leads, Targets, Users, Accounts - that is a matter of your own process design in your company.

Part of that design involves getting just the right level of conversion steps - keep them to a minimum if you can. For example, few companies will need all 3 levels (Target > Lead > Contact) and it’s ok to leave out one, to save effort on the conversion processes.

And in the Campaign Status subpanels you have a “Add to Target List” button that let’s you retrieve that group of people (for example, the ones who “viewed”) to store it and process later.

I don’t know if this helps…