How to automatically complete the field "industry" when choosing account, when creating an opportunity


when i create a new opportunity, i choose an account and then i choose its industry. What i want to do is to make the “industry” load from the account

can someone give me an idea how to do it?

PS: i’m using suite crm 7.7.5,

you want it to be on the fly or this can be done after you save it?

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on the fly

This is the solution that i’m trying to make it works

In the folder …\custom\Extension\modules\Opportunities\Ext\Vardefs , i added a file vardefs.ext.php
on it i tried with those lines

<?php $dictionary = array('name', 'id', 'industry'); $dictionary = array('account_name', 'account_id_c', 'industryGeneratedRelate_c'); ?>

account_id_c is the id of the relate field account in the opportunity editview
industry is the id of the field industry in the account editview
industryGeneratedRelate_c is the id of the field which i want to populate

where did i make a fault?

Scenario : when a user add an opportunity, he chooses an account (a relate field). Then he choose an industry from a dropdown list.
I want to make the field auto filled when the user choose the account.

still searching for the solution, could any one help?

Create a file in

Assuming that your field name for industry in opportunity module is industry_op. Add following content to the file created above.

$dictionary['Opportunity']['fields']['account_name']['populate_list']= array (
			0 => 'id',
			1 => 'name',
			2 => 'industry',//field from account
$dictionary['Opportunity']['fields']['account_name']['field_list'] = 
		  array (
			0 => 'account_id',
			1 => 'account_name',
			2 => 'industry_op',
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i tried it, but it doesn’t work
the field name for industry i took it from the inspect element in the browser

i tried also to auto populate with the name and i did a quick an d repair, but it doesn’t work also

$dictionary[ ‘Opportunity’ ] [ ’ fields '] [ ‘account_name’ ] [ ‘populate_list’]= array (
0 => ‘id’,
1 => ‘name’,
2 => ‘name’,

$dictionary [ ‘Opportunity’][ ‘fields’][ ‘account_name’][ ‘field_list’] =
array (
0 => ‘account_id’,
1 => ‘account_name’,
2 => ‘op_industry_c’,