How to automatically add cc email address when emailing PDF

I would like to know how to make the suitecrm automatically add a cc address to the email every time the ‘Email pdf’ button is clicked.
I have found this area of code:
$email->name = $mod_strings[‘LBL_EMAIL_NAME’].’ '.$module->name;
$email->description_html = $printable;
//type is draft
$email->type = “draft”;
$email->status = “draft”;

$email->cc_addrs = "";

I tried the method above but it does not work, any ideas?

In which portion u made this changes ?


If you notice end of that file,

header("Location: index.php?action=Compose&module=Emails&return_module=".$module_type."&return_action=DetailView&return_id=".$_REQUEST['record']."&recordId=".$email_id);

link is there. so code is executing in this file.

Now Go to custom/modules/Emails/compose.php this generateComposeDataPackage fucntion.

Now make changes here,

Write this piece of code,

if (isset($data['to_email_addrs']) && isset($data['cc_addrs'])) {
			$namePlusEmail = $data['to_email_addrs'];
			$namePlusEmail = from_html(str_replace(" ", " ", $namePlusEmail));
			$namePlusEmailCC = $data['cc_addrs'];
			$namePlusEmailCC = from_html(str_replace(" ", " ", $namePlusEmailCC));

and in $ret variavble pass this parameteres,

$ret = array(
		'to_email_addrs' => $namePlusEmail,
		'cc_addrs' 		 => $namePlusEmailCC,


Will this automatically add the CC only for emails generated when PDFs are created from the email pdf button? Not every email ever composed?

I am a bit confused because there’s 2 ‘generateComposeDataPackage’ parts, can you explain in more detail where those two bits go?

Is this correct?

else if(!isset($data[‘forQuickCreate’])) {
$ret = generateComposeDataPackage($data);
$ret = array(
‘to_email_addrs’ => $namePlusEmail,
‘cc_addrs’ => $namePlusEmailCC,);

function generateComposeDataPackage($data,$forFullCompose = TRUE)
if (isset($data[‘to_email_addrs’]) && isset($data[‘cc_addrs’])) {
$namePlusEmail = $data[‘to_email_addrs’];
$namePlusEmail = from_html(str_replace(" ", " “, $namePlusEmail));
$namePlusEmailCC = $data[‘cc_addrs’];
$namePlusEmailCC = from_html(str_replace(” ", " ", $namePlusEmailCC));