How to authenticate for GraphQL API?


just one question:
If I want to use GraphQL, what method do I need to use to authenticate?

Is it OAuth like in the v8 API?
Or anything else?
And what’s the correct endpoint for authenticating?


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No new info here, yet?
No one has implemented the new API, yet?

I had an example of a custom call here, but it’s old, incomplete, and specifically incomplete regarding authentication…

But the good thing with the GraphQL API is that it is used for the entire app, not just for integrations. So the v8 front-end is a large set of working examples. If you see how it’s authenticating in the browser’s developer tools (network tab), and emulate that.

It seems to be the /login endpoint, with a body consisting of


and perhaps some other request details are relevant, I don’t know.

Then you will likely need to some cookie(s) from the response and send them along in subsequent requests.