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How to attach PDF Template to Email Template


I’m a novice with SuiteCRM and I’m currently facing this difficulty. I’ve created PDF Templates but I don’t seem to be able to figure out how to email them to my leads/contacts. Upon trying to attach them to my Email Template, I can only see documents uploaded and not the PDF Template.

Please help,

Hi, welcome!

You should be looking at Email Templates, not PDF Templates. These are two different modules (though with many similarities).


Thanks for the quick reply. I have created Email Templates, and to this Email Template, I wish to attach a PDF Template I had equally earlier created. When I take Document, I can’t find the created PDF Templates, just documents I uploaded to the CRM.

Ah, ok.

You would have to actually create the specific documents with “Generate letter” from within each Contact, and then add the attachment manually.

So basically - this is a missing feature. I actually started doing an add-on for this purpose once, but never had time to finish it. It’s not complicated, but involves a bit of custom code.

Thanks much @pgr. Got so caught up with work I didn’t follow up with my issue. Please could you point me in direction to creating said add-on ? Also I will try out Generate Letter and see if it’s a suitable option.

Thanks a lot.

I’ve took this up here more widely and i’m trying to forward everyone to the same thread - for comment and contribution.