How to Assign your Mass Task to Multiple Users?

Are you tolerating the manual task-assigning issues that waste plenty amount of time and require high-effort performance? Then you are in the right place!

The OutRight Store has recently built a new plugin “SuiteCRM Task Router” that assists you to assign the set of same tasks to various people automatically. Additionally, will speed up your productivity, efficiency, and also creativity.

The add-on has multiple functionalities such as it will create the “Task Template” using this you have no need to repeat the entire process. You just have to assign the task template to users based on their capabilities or previous task.

Moreover, you can fix a deadline for your task completion, the add-on is compatible with all modules of SuiteCRM including custom ones. Other than this, allow you to check the task status which helps you to know whether the task has been started or not.

No doubt that the plugin is most usable with its multiple functionalities but here we’ll let you know about one more functionality. The SuiteCRM Task Router will allow you to check the priority of the task which helps you to know whether the task has high priority, low priority, or medium.