How to assign role in 8.1.2

Hi. I keep on searching in Role, Users, Profiles, I can’t seem to find how to assign roles to an already created user. How do I do that?

It looks like you found a bug, can you please report it?

Comparing with v7, I see that on v8 there is a missing button down there on the Users subpanel - so you can’t interact with it.

(As a workaround, you might be able to tweak it from the database, probably it’s roles_users table)

Whoa! I must be lucky hahaha. Unfortunately, not knowledgeable enough to do that. I checked youtube videos, and I also see pencils. I don’t see any here.

Last time I used Suitecrm was years ago, but I know it must be there. I kept on clicking here and there, and came to full circle, but still nothing.

Problem is, right now, I cannot even assign a role to them. Will I have to fix their access one by one?

Without access from the UI, and without knowing how to change things in the DB, you won’t go very far with this, I am afraid… :frowning:

P.S. I saw your bug report, but it won’t get properly handled with such an incomplete Issue template like that. For the testers it’s crucial to have exact version numbers (SuiteCRM and PHP), and steps to reproduce (which module, which screen, which button).

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Hello pgr, I have access to PHPMYADMIN. I’ve created 2 roles, Sales Supervisor, and Account Manager. I’ve also created 2 users. Can you share how to assign the users to each roles via PHPMYADMIN?

I can see the roles I’ve created inside PHPMYADMIN.

Make a note of the record ids of the users and the roles, and go into the table roles_users and add a row linking them together.

I’m not sure this will work, but it’s worth a try.

Will try to ask someone knowledgeable to take a look :smiley:

@pgr , I was able to add a user to Account Manager roles. It will be easy to replicate the same process for other roles. My only concern now is how often do I need to do this? I got lucky this time, it’s fairly straight forward. Do you know the general feedback on 8.1.2 version? Does it have a lot of bugs?

For production I would still advise people to use v7.12.x

But I wouldn’t describe v8 as “buggy”, the code is much better quality than the old stuff. I would prefer to say that it’s an ongoing work, and it still doesn’t have full feature-parity with v7. It’s a very small team for such a big overhaul of such a big product. Often what people find lacking is not related to any buggy code, it’s simply the absence of some part of the code that hasn’t been coded yet :slight_smile:

So the deal is: check if everything you need is working in v8 before taking the jump.

I did get the assignment of roles working, by doing it in the database. Indeed, I think I need to check all I need before using it in production.

Thanks again pgr.

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