How to assign multiple accounts to one contact?


I want to make provision for assigning multiple accounts to a given contact name. For example, for a particular contact I want to add his current account name as well as his previous account names. All I need is provision for adding multiple accounts just as there is provision for adding multiple email addresses while creating a contact. I tried modifying the module from the administrator but failed. Is there any way I can achieve that? I would appreciate your help. Thanks in advance.

You can assign multiple accounts to one contact through the Accounts.

If you go into a specific Account (for example Comapny A), you can scroll down to the Contacts subpanel and, by clicking on the little arrow next to the create button, you should be able to choose “Select”. A pop-up will appear and, from there you should be able to select contacts for the Account.
If you select a contact that already has another account assigned to it, the latest account you assign to it will be shown in its edit layout. If you want todd other companies to the same account you have to go into each account.
If you search for that contact you will see one listing for each account you have assigned it to (it is only in the list because, in fact the contact exists only once in the database).

Before doing this you may have to create a new relationship between accounts and contacts.

In addition, if you want to see the “other” companies when you look at a contacts detail view, you will have to create (via programming) a new subpanel.

The drawback of this method is that you cannot distinguish old versus current company.

If you want to achive this, you have to create a new field Old Companies in the acounts, create a corresponding Many-to-Many Relationship for that field between Accounts and Contacts and then create subpanels in the detailviews of accounts and contacts

This is only roughly what you have to do. Unfortunately in detail it may be a little more complicated



Thank you for your prompt reply. I tried finding the subpanel file of the contacts from the source code but failed. I am trying to do as you said i.e. modifying the code so that subpanel of contacts will also display the list of other companies. Do you know where can I find those/that file(s)? thanks in advance

If you have a look here:

You should be able to figure it out

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same issue here :frowning:

sam issue here thanks for the info.