How to add URL to modules' records into email template

Hello all!

We are using Suite CRM Version 7.10.7 and I am trying to create and add to an email template a URL for the records of a custom module.
As far as I have understood the URL should have the following format: https://domain_name/index.php?module=a1b2c_Missions&action=DetailView&record=$a1b2c_Missions_id where “a1b2c_Missions” is our custom module.
I have tried many alternatives but nothing works and I get back the message: “Bad data passed in; Return to Home”.

Could you please give me any advice?

Thank you in advance! Waiting for your response.


Please go the a detail view (any record will do) on your custom module.

Grab the URL and paste it here.

Here it is: https://domain_name/index.php?action=ajaxui#ajaxUILoc=index.php%3Fmodule%3Da1b2c_Missions%26offset%3D98%26stamp%3D1541156041024820500%26return_module%3Da1b2c_Missions%26action%3DDetailView%26record%3D49b458a0-ac64-333d-f879-5b7c0852f24a

Thank you for your quick reply!

So try this one


The recipe to do this is:

  • start after the Ajax part
  • replace %3D with =
  • replace %26 with &
  • replace %2F with /

You might be able to remove some of those variables, and it will likely still work (stamp, offset, …)

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