How to add the lineitems in my custom modules same as the quotes modules

I have a custom module and opportunity module, i need to add the line items in the custom module.
Please help me how to i add the line items.

That is not something easily accomplished. I don’t know of any code examples either. You’d have to invent something. Maybe try replicating what’s done in the quotes module.

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Cool! I didn’t see that one! (not sure what version the poster is working in, but that will only work in 7)


i try to add the line_items in vardefs file of the my module but still the function of the display_lines not called .

‘line_items’ =>
‘required’ => false,
‘name’ => ‘line_items’,
‘vname’ => ‘LBL_LINE_ITEMS’,
‘type’ => ‘function’,
‘source’ => ‘non-db’,
‘massupdate’ => 0,
‘importable’ => ‘false’,
‘duplicate_merge’ => ‘disabled’,
‘duplicate_merge_dom_value’ => 0,
‘audited’ => false,
‘reportable’ => false,
‘function’ =>
‘name’ => ‘display_lines’,
‘returns’ => ‘html’,
‘include’ => ‘modules/AOS_Products_Quotes/Line_Items.php’

my layout shows like that

Does anyone have any idea about the line item issue with the custom module?


i got the solution for the custom module line item,
We need to change the layout mode of the module from config/services/module/module_routing.yaml
record: false

after this changes we are able to log the line item function in the custom module.