How to add mobile number of lead and/or contact to calls list view?

In the calls list view I would like to see name of contact or lead, phone number of contact or lead, and subject of call. How can I add the lead and/or contact phone number to the available column choices?


Have you tried in Studio / Calls / Views / List view?


It’s not possible to add the contact/lead phone number in Calls module list view field options in Studio.

Please create a custom list view for calls and then add the contact/ lead phone number field from code.

Thank You!

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Rather peculiar that the module that has the name “Calls” does not allow for adding phone numbers to its view, don’t you think? :dry:

It can be added. If it’s a field from the Calls module, you just add it in Studio. If it’s a field from a related module (like getting the related Lead’s phone number) sometimes Studio let’s you do it, other times you can get the related field by manually editing the Listviewdefs.php

See this example for a subpanel, for the Listview you can do something similar:

Finally, a workaround that some people like to use, is to have a custom field in the Calls record, and have a workflow fill it by copying the data from the related module when it changes. Then you can use this custom field directly in a view.

Manually editing a .php file is not something I want to do. I have broken working installations too many times that way. No easier way exists?

I suggested 3 possible approaches! :slight_smile:

For a Non-Dev persons, the Workflow method is best as they don’t have to alter any code.