How to add, in Invoices, fields to " Service" in "Line Items"


How to add, in Invoices, fields to " Service" in “Line Items”, there:

  • index.php?module=AOS_Invoices&action=EditView&return_module=AOS_Invoices&return_action=DetailView

I tried to add fields in these following locations:

  • Studio > Invoices > Fields
  • Studio > Line Items > Fields
  • Studio > Products > Fields

Then I did repair and rebuild (also tried to rebuild relationship), but the added fields do not appear inside Invoices, nor when I try to create a new product.

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Line Items is a special module. Fields of the module should not work after added in Studio. But Invoices and Products should support Studio without problem.

Strange, I can see them in the Studio, but cannot enable them, for instance, here:

  • index.php?module=AOS_Invoices&action=EditView&return_module=AOS_Invoices&return_action=DetailView

Is there any documentation ?

All documentation here:
Maybe this is problem in file permissions. Look at the page:

Thanks, I’ll check that.