How to add<number>?

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I’m new here

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I need one help

How I can addthe img and the link in one image on left side of phone number and replace the with the client phone number ?

The idea not is integrate whatsapp in/out messages on suitecrm, the idea is only link with target="_blank"

like: (wa img here) +55-99-1234-1234

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You need to override the field type of phone to custom directory and add your code for the image and link.

Or if you just want this in listview, then simplest way is to add process_record logic hook.


thanks for yor reply

I thinking to create one new field with name: whatsapp_number
but not is possible for me save on this field html
I need to save only the whatsapp number and when the sales operator see the field on screen I need to show the number with link to ( the img not is mandatory )

do you how I can do this ?

I’m new on suitecrm, but I’m a php programmer ( very old )

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No, What I propose is to override the field type. Not a new field creation. I don’t have handy code but do find it in a forum, It should be available for the overriding field type.

Here is the documentation about field type


very thanks

I think I understood now :grin:

I will need to create one new custom field type and install on the system

all fields that I select to use the new custom field type:
the system will save the whatsapp numbers
and when will show on screen will format I have created on the custom field type files

I’m correct ?

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No, Even you can override the existing field type as well.