how to add file upload field in suitecrm

how to add file upload field in suitecrm

Hi Arpit,

This is not a field type in SugarCRM/SuiteCRM. It is planned for future versions of SuiteCRM, but for now this would need to be coded.



Hi will,

Is there any helpful link or piece of code so i can connect to file upload field functionality

I am not aware of any easy way without using a plugin such as.

however there are posts like these which would get you on your way to building a upload/download field.

These would get you most if not all the way there.

Can i use this module with suitecrm 7.1.4?

Hi there,

It is best to contact the software vendor but any plug-ins that are compatible with SugarCRM Community Edition 6.5.x should work with SuiteCRM 7.x.



Any idea when this is planned to be implemented? I am in need of the feature (without doing half-baked / non-upgrade safe coding) but would likely put off buying the module if this is coming in the near(ish) future.


Yes, File Upload Field supports SuiteCRM (all versions).

+1, just came across this need to add files to KB Articles.

Let me just point out that there is a Photo field in SuiteCRM, which does basically this - uploads a file into the upload directory. Of course some changes would be needed to use for your purposes.

Thanks, I will try that as well.

For now I have created a Many to Many Relationship with Documents and then upload the file there.

The plugin is not available anymore online. Have you retired the plugin?
If it is still available. Can I use the file upload field in a “Create Person Form” for multiple files such as fotos?

It is retired as there are better options on the SuiteCRM Store now:

These should work great for what you describe.