How to add custom field in Leads Model

Hello Developer,

I am facing problem while adding a custom filed in Leads Model…

Please help me how to add new custom field in Leads Model

Thanks Advance.

You should be able to do this without doing any coding using Studio, which can be found in the admin menu. Just select studio, then the leads module, then fields and there is a button to add a new field.


Thanks Boss… Adding field successfully but filed shows the * mark of before label and filed is not shown in form

The * just denotes it’s a custom field. You need to use Studio again to edit the layouts and add it to the edit view so it will display on the form. If you want it to show on the detail view you’ll need to add it there too

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I am follow the step given by you. In that “edit layout” field is shown and “detail view” field is also shown and In “studio field” also shown the field with * mark…but still field is not shown in form…
I request you please give me step for how to add custom field in Field Model OR give the suggestion on same.