How to add autocomplete on search filters inputs ?


I need to add autocomplete feature in inputs in advanced filter tab of modules.
I don’t know how and where to do this ? Someone could help me?
I think I have to do it in include/SearchForm, but I need help. I’m a beginner on SuiteCRM…

I think I’ve search almost everywhere but found nothing…


SuiteCRM 7.8.20

Hi :slight_smile:

In all module filters you can go to “Advanced Filter”

In here you can manually make your filter, name & save the filter

Once saved your results will appear and you will see “My Filters”

Using this dropdown you can create and save as many “My Filters” as you want - this auto populates the search and you are able to update the save anytime


Thanks for your answer @TaufiqueAhmed.

It’s in inputs that I would add autocomplete.

For example when you start typing in “First name”, input displays all available firstnames saved in SuiteCRM.

Okay :slight_smile: I have not seen this in SuiteCRM as standard you’ll need to create it with custom code

Could be a potential plugin opportunity for a developer to resell on

Yes that’s what I thought. But do you know how and where I can do this?

We strongly recommend urdhva-tech :slight_smile:

Have worked with them on many projects