How to add another customized tab in a module

I was just wondering how can i add a customized tab in a module.
i am currently making it with delphi and i want to add it as a tab in every module of suitecrm.
it is a task log or monitoring history of a specific module.

can somebody enlighten me and help me with this.


Hi there

Admin > Studio > Your module > Layouts > Edit View

Add a new panel

Click Save

You will see the panel has a dropdown on it - change from panel to Tab :slight_smile:

how can i add a new panel?
i can’t click the button “new panel”

Most of studio is click & drag when editing layouts you need the freedom to put fields where you want :slight_smile:

oh yeah. i forgot that crm has a fxn of drag/drop.

now i know how to add a tab. i wonder how to customize it. i want to add a gridview on that tab. do you know how to do it?

not entirely sure what you mean

As standard the tabs in studio come as 2 columns
You can keep adding new rows to make up how many rows you need
add the fields you want in the tab

Any other layouts etc would probably need coding

i want to create something like this. (refer to the picture below)


How can we add another tab to current module and lots of new field in it? Need expert advice!

Go to studio, add a panel. Change the “display type” to “tab”.

Thank you. I have follow up question on it. How to add new fields to these Panels? Do I have to create fields first in Fields section of a module then drag- N-drop from left panel in Edit View?


First, add your fields. Then switch in studio to the “layout” area of your module, you should see an option to add panels from there. within panels, you can place your fields and switch the display type.

Thank you, I understood!

Also, is it a way that I could only display(read-only) few fields from older tabs to the new tab. If yes, how could I achieve it?

@rsp , just to be clear are you talking about adding a “panel” or “sub-panel” they are two different things.

No, I just want to use few textFields form one tab to another tab as it is without adding any additional column in DB(or adding new field with same name)

Ok then you’re on the right track.