How to access records assigned to some other user?

I have three users (A, B, C) and three modules (AM, BM , CM). I have assigned AM module record to A user. AM module record is visible to A user. When A user change some field in AM module, I have copied same record from AM module to BM module and assigned BM module record to B user. Now when B user changed fields in BM module, I have copied same record to CM module with assigned user as C. Now A user can not access to BM and CM module records and same with B user as it can not access CM module records. But i want to give access of BM and CM module records to A user and access of CM module records to B user. I can not create security group since I have create new security group for every new record in AM module. How can I achieve this using roles or by any other way? Please help

You don’t have to create a Security Group for each record (that would be too much), but you can probably achieve what you want by creating a separate Security Group for each user (is that acceptable?).

Then when A gets the record, you add A’s security group (let’s call it ASG) to the record.

Then when the record is handed over to B, you don’t remove ASG from it, but you add BSG.

Then the same logic applies when moving it to C.

In the end, the record would have all three Security Groups, and all three users could see it (I think - it will depend on other Role settings).