How to access methods in entry Point?

I created an entry Point to retrieve external data via API in which I created a class with methods for each type of data.
I can access the file through the url but I would like to access the methods directly?
Is it possible ?
Thank you in advance for your help.

it sounds like you’ve prepared some methods in Suite and you would like to make them available externally. Instead of creating an entrypoint, you could also think about extending the 4.1-API:

Thanks @crmspace for your answer but I misspoke and I apologize.
I created an entry point to connect to another system’s api and in the file I created a class with the external api connection information and methods to retrieve different types of information .
What I’m trying to do now is access each of the methods through a url that would take an argument after “index.php?entryPoint=MyData”.
Thank you for your help

I answer myself.
I found how to do it using $REQUEST[‘method’]=‘methodname’.
this gives :

It works and I can display the data I want

No, you can’t access methods directly through a URL. Methods in a class for retrieving data via an API are accessed within your code. To use them, you need to call the methods with parameters and handle the returned data. If you want external access, you can build an API with endpoints that invoke the methods when accessed through specific URLs. This allows external users to interact with the desired functionality.